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Learn about Hispanic Heritage Month’s history and ELE USAL FLORIDA’s events celebrating it!

ELE USAL FLORIDA is ready to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

This US celebration dates back to 1968, although it was first created as Hispanic Heritage Week by President Lyndon Johnson. Then, in 1988 President Ronald Reagan expanded it to a full-month period and provided the support to enact it into law.

The date chosen for this commemoration period, September 15 to October 15, is not random at all, since 7 Hispanic countries celebrate their independence within that interval, which also includes the festivities of Columbus Day or Día de la Raza on October 12.

Today, Hispanic Heritage Month continues to be a way to “honor the contributions Hispanics have made throughout our history, and highlight an important part of the rich diversity that keeps our communities strong”, as President Obama mentioned in his proclamation of the 2016′s edition.

During these 30 days, many ceremonies, exhibitions and activities are organized in schools, libraries or homes throughout the country to celebrate the heritage that almost 53 million Spanish-speaking Americans share nowadays.

In ELE USAL FLORIDA we love and cherish our Hispanic culture, so we have prepared two events to celebrate it with the Coral Springs and South Florida community!

  • On Thursday, September 22, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm we are hosting a Noche Latina, with special performance of traditional Andean music and dance by Peruvian musicians Kuyayky, traditional Latin snacks and much more! Please RSVP with an email to info@florida-eleusal.com specifying the number of people attending. Bring your friends and family to celebrate with us!

Noche Latina event

  • On Saturday, September 24, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm the little ones can enjoy a workshop with games and musical activities to discover the Hispanic World in a fun way! Please RSVP with an email to info@florida-eleusal.com specifying the number of people attending. Come with your classmates and friends to explore the Hispanic culture with us!

Children's event


See you all there!


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