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ELE USAL FLORIDA opens its doors!


Last Monday, September 12nd, the ELE USAL FLORIDA franchise opened its doors in its new Coral Springs location (Florida, US). After months getting the facilities ready and promoting the prestige and reputation of the University of Salamanca within the community, the registration period is now open for this upcoming trimester. The school focuses on immersion courses for children as well as on language and culture classes for teenagers and adults, while also offering many other cultural and academic programs.

In addition, ELE USAL FLORIDA is hosting in the next few weeks several events in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, which started in the United States on September 15th and runs until October 15th. Hoping also to introduce the ELE USAL FLORIDA team to the community and to promote the University of Salamanca, these events include a Latin Night with a performance by Andean musicians Kuyayky and a children’s workshop, with games and musical activities about the Hispanic world.
Biblioteca Lúdica at ELE USAL Florida

Biblioteca Lúdica at ELE USAL Florida