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The Spanish Language Schools by Universidad de Salamanca (ELE USAL) franchise network has reached an agreement to open another school in South Florida, United States

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Thanks to experience and excellence of the Universidad de Salamanca, the Spanish Language Schools franchise network continues to grow with another school in South Florida, United States. This school consolidates the international presence of ELE USAL, for it represents the fourth center outside of Spain and the seventh overall.

With its large Hispanic population and a great financial, social and cultural potential, the United States appeared years ago as a very attractive market for teaching Spanish. Data form many sources such as the Instituto Cervantes or the U.S. Census Bureau point to the importance of this territory for the future of the Spanish language, given its over 40 million native speakers and 7 million students of this language.

The owners of the new Florida franchise will have access to the methodology of the Cursos Internacionales branch of the university, which is in charge of teaching Spanish for more than 7,000 students annually, as well as to materials specifically created for the courses that will be taught. On this basis, the school’s academic offer will focus on the cultural and linguistic immersion for kids and on the preparation for official certificates such as DELE, SIELE or BULATS. In addition, the center’s expansion plans include courses for all ages, as well as specialized courses for companies, training for future teachers and preparation for academic exchanges with Hispanic institutions.